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Riverwood Downs Trail Run - July 22 & 23

Riverwood Downs Trail Run is Australia’s newest and most unique timed trail running event where the whole family can enter, including the family dog! 

Presented by Tail Runner Events the Trail Run event will be held on Saturday 22nd July - Sunday 23rd July 2017.

Why is Riverwood Downs Trail Run being held?

Karen Barrett, the organiser of this event, is an Ultra Marathon runner who trains daily with her rescue Kelpies. It always broke her heart to have to leave them at home when she competed in an event so she figured out that there must be other people who felt the same way and would dearly love to run in an event with their dog(s)!

The main aim of the Riverwood Downs Trail Run is to help raise funds for Herd2Homes, a working dog rescue group explains Karen."It is estimated that 120,000 dogs are put to sleep in Australia each year and over 60,000 of those are from working dog breeds. To me, this number is absolutely shocking and I would like to be able to help make a difference in some small way to those dogs that are lucky enough to be rescued from the pounds and put into foster care. 

Herd2Homes is a fantastic organisation and I love the fact that the dogs are trialled on livestock. Their natural herding instinct and their need for mental stimulation as well as physical exercise are some of the main reasons why these working breed dogs end up being surrendered, simply because people did not do enough research in the first place!"

What is the program for this Riverwood Downs Trail Run?

Karen Barrett running with her Kelpies, Cadence and Pace
Participants can choose from three distances: there is a 4km course designed for those wanting a short quick run or a plod along with the kids as well as two longer events (15km and 30km).

The location is the magnificent multi-award winning Riverwood Downs, a 750-acre property in the foothills of the Barrington Tops World Heritage Wilderness. It is located in a beautiful rural area known as the Monkerai Valley, between the towns of Stroud and Gloucester. This is a dog-friendly resort and the on-site restaurant even offers a gourmet doggie menu!

Before and after the event, you can explore the property's shady walking trails, tall mountains and cool fresh mountain pools. The crisp clean freshwater river is home to some Platypus and you may be lucky enough to spot them. You can relax at the end of your day in front of a crackling log fire with friendly staff and relaxed country hospitality.

Saturday 22nd July 2017

The main timed distances are the 15km and 30km trail runs with about four river crossings.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

The open age 4km event is not a timed event. This event is now also open to a Team Relay, consisting of a team of 4 people (with or without dogs) running 4km each. 

The registration fee is a donation to Herd2Homes so you decide what you would like to donate. A handcrafted perpetual trophy has been made, all finishers get a medal, with the winning team taking bragging rights. Everyone who finishes will receive a medal, including your dog!

For those who plan on camping or booking accommodation in the cabins for the weekend, there will be additional entertainment on offer with a Merry WolfMass - a Dog's Christmas in July!

When: Saturday 22nd July from 7:00 am; Sunday 23rd July from 1:00pm

Where: Riverwood Downs, 311 Upper Monkerai Rd, Monkerai, NSW, 2415

Tickets: from $10 (4km event) and $15 (for dogs).

To book your tickets before July 19), please visit

The organisers would like to thank all their sponsors and supporters including: 
Tail Runner, Branch Management Tree Service, Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, Advance Pet Nutrition, Lululemon (Bondi NSW), Barefoot Inc (Inov8 Australia), Chief Nutrition, Somerford Foods Raw & Natural, Antlers for Dogs, Tailwind Nutrition, Sweet Bean Cafe, Rover Pet Products.

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