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GlowThrow Ball Launcher for Dogs

The GlowThrow promises to revolutionise the game of fetch allowing you to play with your dog in low-light conditions and even at night! 

If you live a hectic life and get home at dusk or much later, you know how hard it is to give your dog some good exercise! The GlowThrow is perfect for those dog owners who get home after dark and also people who happen to live in areas that get far less natural sunlight during the day, especially in winter!


A 12-month labour of love has seen the GlowThrow developed and tested by Lachlan Scott, a pet-centric lighting industry professional whose 7-year-old Whippet named "Chicken" simply loves night time walks! 

Lachlan Scott is an industrial lighting expert who has worked as the Project Development Engineer and Sales Manager for a global lighting industry giant recording annual sales of A$8.98 billion. 

“I worked very long hours and there can be so much emotion wrapped up in this as a dog owner. I fel…

Dog Lovers Show Sydney 2017 - August 5 & 6

The Sydney Dog Lovers Show is back for the fourth year running at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August, 2017.

This fun annual event is your chance to listen to great presentations from some of the most respected experts in the pet industry, watch unique live entertainment not to mention pat and photograph lots of adorable pooches!

Celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown will take centre stage again with a series of new and informative talks. He will be joined by beloved vet Dr Katrina Warren and the Wonderdogs who are premiering their brand new show "The Wonderdogs Go On Holiday"!

The star-studded line up continues with Hero Dog Ambassador and Neighbours star Andrew Morley, TV vet Lisa Chimes, RSPCA Inspector Ryan Anderson (Aussie Dog Guy), celebrity animal trainer Peta Clarke, dog trainer Steve Austin and disc agility pro Rodney Gooch. Crowd pleaser (and people-drencher) DockDogs® - sponsored by BlackHawk - is set to make a triumphant re…

Fortress Waterproof Dog Coat - Competition

This is your chance to win one of five Australian Fortress Waterproof dog coats designed by Dog Bless You for your pooch!

The cooler months are here and despite having a fur coat, our dogs - especially short-haired breeds and senior dogs - do feel the chill and may be reluctant to head outside for their daily walk or a romp in the park!

We want your pooches to be toasty warm this winter so we teamed up with our friends at More than Paws for your chance to win one of their great Fortress Waterproof Dog Coats.

The Australian Fortress Fabric waterproof dog coat is designed by Dog Bless You to appeal to the rugged city dog as well as the rural country dog! The waterproof Fortress fabric is made here in Australia with the manufacturing taking place in Fiji. This coat features a warm sherpa lining with velcro adjustments around the chest and neck for precise fitting. It also comes with studs for better fitting around the neck.

This coat is available in Navy or Red and comes in a wide range of s…

Brisbane's Biggest Doggy Afternoon Tea 2017 - June 24

Brisbane’s Biggest Doggy Afternoon Tea will be held on Saturday 24th June 2017 to raise money for Cancer Council Queensland.

This event is hosted by Pets at the Gabba, Brisbane’s first ever not-for-profit weekly markets for people and their pets, which are being held every Saturday (from 3pm-8pm) in Woolloongabba.

The Pets at the Gabba Markets aim to bring the pet community together, promote responsible pet ownership, raise awareness for and support local charities, provide a place to meet and socialise. 
It also allows local Queensland businesses to showcase their products and services.

The markets are continually supporting other human and pet related charities. 

Did you know that one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? The organisers are urging people and their pets to help reduce this statistic by supporting the Cancer Council Queensland on their mission to defeat cancer.

You can play your part by attending Brisbane's Biggest Doggy Afternoon Tea on S…

Canine Wellness Kitchen – Dog Food Truck

Melbourne dogs have been spoilt with the arrival of The Canine Wellness Kitchen, a food truck offering a gourmet menu catering especially for them!

Co-founders Katie Crandon and her partner Laura Yeomans launched their food truck at the Hank Marvin Market in St Kilda last year after identifying a gap in the market.

They were already running a healthy pet food business but found that our canine friends - including their Cocker Spaniel Freddie - were missing out on the “dining out” experience even when they were accompanying their owners. 
"The idea [behind the dog food truck] is, you come to the truck, buy yourself a meal and a beer and the dog can enjoy the same food as what you're eating." says Ms. Crandon.

The food truck serves a range of raw and dehydrated snacks made from “human-grade ingredients”. Meat and offal are sourced from reputable butchers whilst the fresh vegetables used are grown in their garden at home. 
Our mission is “to get healthy food to pet owners” expla…

Canines of Character - Photography Project

Canines of Character is a photography book project which celebrates each canine’s unique personality whilst helping to raise money for rescue dogs in need.

Allira Fontana is a Sydney-based pet photographer who spends most of her days photographing canines and creating custom artwork for her clients. Every Thursday however, you will find her volunteering at the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter with fellow Rescue Hub volunteers. 

Allira began volunteering in May 2015, and since then she has barely missed a Thursday! During her time there, she has made some life-long friends and they are just as passionate as her about saving shelter dogs. Together, they formed Rescue Hub in August 2016 and since then they have helped rescue, transport and rehome countless dogs after saving them from death row. 
Each week they photograph and promote stray and surrendered dogs through their Facebook page, all of whom are searching for a new home. 

“When I read the statistic that between 3,500 to 4,000 dogs…

It's a Dog's Life Photo Exhibition - June 5 to 16

It's a Dog's Life photographic exhibition by acclaimed pet photographer, Serena Hodson, will be held in Brisbane from June 5 until June 16, 2017.

The stars of this exhibition are her three dogs: Simon (a British Bulldog), Garfunkel (a French Bulldog) and Henri (a Wired Dachshund) who have already amassed a 100,000-strong social media fan base after their owner began posting quirky pics of her pups on Facebook.

“I love my gorgeous dogs to bits and started posting my pics of them just for fun,” said Ms Hodson. “Suddenly my art went viral as an army of fans in US, Germany, the UK and even Brazil went barking mad for my dogs.

“I think it’s because I show the individual personality of my pets. Simon is grumpy but sweet, Henri is always happy and sees the silver lining in every day, while Garfunkel loves to be the centre of attention.”

“For many years it’s been just a hobby but the popularity of my family pooches has persuaded me to take the next step and turn my passion into a full …

Riverwood Downs Trail Run - July 22 & 23

Riverwood Downs Trail Run is Australia’s newest and most unique timed trail running event where the whole family can enter, including the family dog! 

Presented by Tail Runner Events the Trail Run event will be held on Saturday 22nd July - Sunday 23rd July 2017.

Why is Riverwood Downs Trail Run being held?
Karen Barrett, the organiser of this event, is an Ultra Marathon runner who trains daily with her rescue Kelpies. It always broke her heart to have to leave them at home when she competed in an event so she figured out that there must be other people who felt the same way and would dearly love to run in an event with their dog(s)!

The main aim of the Riverwood Downs Trail Run is to help raise funds for Herd2Homes, aworking dog rescue group explains Karen."It is estimated that 120,000 dogs are put to sleep in Australia each year and over 60,000 of those are from working dog breeds. To me, this number is absolutely shocking and I would like to be able to help make a difference in som…

DOGlite Double Trouble LED Harness - Review

All DOGlite LED dog harnesses now come standard with a Front Pull Option. The right harness adds comfort and support for your dog and also assists in reducing 'pulling' when on leash, to make your walks a lot more enjoyable for both parties!


For those 'over committed' dogs, you can now attach your leash to the front of their chest which greatly reduces pulling. 

Some harnesses have a non-padded but adjustable chest whilst others offer a padded but non-adjustable chest... 
This DOGlite LED harness has both! 

With its 3-way adjustability and a padded chest plate, this harness range is comfortable, durable and you don't need a phD to fit it! The material is made of 25mm UV rated webbing which is water resistant.
Simply lay your harness on the floor, let your dog step in, clip on each side, and adjust for the perfect fitting only once! Press the switch for the LED light (on each side), then your dog and you can be on your way, every…