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Australian Dog Lover - Top Stories of 2016

2016, it's a wrap! Here's what you loved reading the most this year...

It was a pleasure learning more about our canine companions as well as the latest products, services and activities available to them and sharing our discoveries with you along the way. Practical advice-based articles were a hit and so were stories that inspired us to get out and about with our dogs.

We’d love to hear from you what you’d like to see more of in future issues of Australian Dog Lover so please leave your comments below!

Tips and Advice

Most of us need help when it comes to training our dogs so it came as no surprise that our Behaviour & Training column was the most popular section on the blog in 2016. 
From in-depth analysis of canine behaviours to practical tips from our panel of expert dog trainers, here are our top-ranking stories of the year…

8 Tips for Living with High-Energy Dogs

My dog is hyper! It’s a common complaint. You can go for an hour’s run and come home ready to flake, but, no, n…

Getting Dogs through Noise Phobias

It is not uncommon to hear of dogs developing “noise phobias”. Some dogs’ fear is so bad that they will do anything to escape the noise, even to the point of breaking windows to get inside or running away for miles. Unfortunately, some dogs are severely injured, while others are killed in accidental hit and runs during their escapade. What a tragedy.

Summer brings an increase in the number and intensity of “noise events” namely thunderstorms, fireworks and home renovations. It is is one of the busiest seasons for pounds and shelters because so many dogs escape during this period and get lost.

Noise phobia however is not limited to this time of year and it can become a very serious problem that will adversely affect your dog’s health and quality of life. Please act now for the sake of your dog...


Of all noise phobias, thunderstorm phobias are one of the trickiest behavioural issues to deal with partially due to the randomness of when they occur,…

Hogs for Dogs Harley Ride 2017 - March 26

Assistance Dogs Australia’s annual Hogs for Dogs Harley Ride is celebrating its 13th year in 2017 and it shows no signs of slowing down!

If you've ever dreamed of riding on the back of a Harley Davidson, well now is your chance to tick it off your bucket list and raise money for a great cause in the process!

Leaving at 9am from Cronulla Beach, ticket-holders will enjoy a scenic ride on the back of a Harley Davidson all the way to Mount Keira Lookout, where riders' tanks will be refuelled with morning tea. Upon return participants will enjoy a barbecue lunch in the park, thanks to the Cronulla Hog's Breath Café.

The Liverpool Harley Owners Group (HOGs) are providing their time and bikes as a charity donation so ticket-holders can get their adrenaline fix as well as that feel-good factor, knowing that all the funds raised go directly to the Assistance Dogs, so they can open the door to freedom and independence to people with disabilities. 

“The public is invited to join in as pi…

Doglogbook App Monitors Dog's Health & Wellbeing

The University of Sydney launched a world-first app that will optimise puppy socialisation and help dogs get the best out of life.

Research from the UK has revealed that the leading cause of death in dogs under the age of three relates to behavioural problems – being abandoned or euthanased because they display unwelcome behaviour or were involved in car accidents.*
This free app will offer you new ways to recognise and meet your dog’s needs, with the opportunity to let your vet see into your dog’s world and better understand how your dog is behaving.
The Doglogbook app was designed by animal welfare scientists in the Faculty of Veterinary Science to be a dog’s new best friend, helping ensure optimum quality of life and happiness – from puppyhood through to old age to assist with difficult end-of-life decisions.

The free app draws on the University of Sydney’s new science of ‘dogmanship’ – a term coined by Professor Paul McGreevy in the School of Life and…

Why is Puppy Socialisation so Essential?

Puppies aren't born knowing how to live with humans! Socialisation is the process during which puppies develop positive relationships with other living beings. The most sensitive period for successful socialisation of your puppy is during their first 3 to 4 months of life.
This is when sociability outweighs fear and this is the most important time for adapting to new people, places, animals and experiences. 


Puppies that receive insufficient socialisation during this time are more likely to develop behaviour problems later in life, including fear, avoidance and/or aggression, commonly seen as barking and growling at visitors and lunging at other dogs on walks

To develop into normal, friendly and confident adults, puppies need regular handling and exposure to new and novel situations during this period. 

Most importantly, the exposure needs to be controlled so that it is a positive experience for the puppy, not threatening. Fo… launches Pet Resume feature recently launched Pet Résumé to help pet owners put their furry friends in the best light - through their very own résumé.
This new feature follows the successful launch of personal renting profile Renter Résumé.
Renters can now present future landlords with their ‘Pet Résumé', which details whether their pet has been vaccinated, registered or trained, whilst also providing insight into the animals' hobbies and personality, all to improve their chance of application success. 
Insights from a recent survey of more than 1,300 Australian renters found overwhelmingly, that 42% of renters found it ‘extremely difficult’ to find a place to rent which would also accept their pets, despite almost two thirds (or 63%) of Australian households owning pets. Chief Executive Officer, Greg Bader said renters regularly face obstacles in their search for a pet-friendly property: “While many landlords would eventually welcome pets, we find that only 25% of our pr…