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When Dog Barking Becomes a Problem

Dogs bark as a means of normal communication. They may bark when calling out to other dogs or respond to other barking dogs or when communicating with its human owners.

However, when dogs bark excessively they become a nuisance to their owners and the neighbourhood. Before you can successfully manage a barking problem you will need to determine the cause of the barking. Your neighbours may be able to tell you how often your dog barks in your absence.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and it is important to work out why your dog is barking excessively. Once the underlying cause and 'triggers' for the barking are identified, training techniques can be used to treat the excessive barking. Some of these reasons include:


If you don’t have time for a dog, don’t get a dog. They are social animals and need to live with their families. Dogs who are left alone all day with nothing to do often resort to barking out of boredom. 

Boredom barkers will bark continuously and may also …

French Bulldog or Frenchie

Bat-eared but oddly beautiful, the French Bulldog has a unique appeal. A mischievous goof ball, the Frenchie needs an owner who is consistent, firm and patient.


There are many conflicting references as to the origin of the French Bulldog. Some breeders claim the origin can be traced to Britain during the advent of the industrial revolution. The theory is that as mechanisation spread, the lacemakers of Nottingham, some of whom had been breeding toy or miniature bulldogs, were pushed out of their jobs. Many left England for Brittany and France where their skills were in demand. They took with them some of these small bulldogs, many of which had bat (upright) ears.

This new style of dog appealed to the French and demand increased so much that breeders began breeding up the ‘French style’ to supply the demand in Paris. The breed became popular in England in the 1900’s and then in America as Americans in Paris fell in love with them and took them home. Breeders s…

20 Great Dog Walks around Sydney and Central Coast

There are few things more satisfying than watching - with your dog of course - the South Pacific Ocean roll and crash against the line of coves and beaches extending south from Bondi to La Perouse on to the entrance to Botany Bay.

#1. Bondi to Bronte Coast Walk 
Activity: Hiking
Distance: 6km return
Grade: Easy
There are many incredible vantage points and photo opps along the way, the most popular being the sandstone lookout at Hunter Park, about halfway from Bondi to Bronte. The path is mostly sealed, and with the exception of some rocky patches, and a steep set of stairs, is a very leisurely stroll. 

Dogs may enter the Coast Walk on a lead only. They may not enter the parks, beaches or Waverley cemetery, and may use the beach promenades only after 6pm in winter and 8pm in summer. For more information, visit the Waverley Council website

#2. Clovelly to Maroubra

Activity: Hiking
Distance: 7km one way
Grade: Easy

One of Sydney‘s most popular walks, covering a 7km section of the Sydney Coas…

Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

Domesticated dogs are largely carnivores that eat some omnivorous foods. Wild dogs eat a variety of food which consists mainly of prey animals. Prey animals are composed of raw meat, raw bones, organs, other tissue and digested vegetable matter. While dogs are carnivores they do consume a small amount of the vegetable matter contained in the stomach and intestines of their prey. Dogs have evolved over thousands of years to eat this type of diet.


Feed high-quality balanced premium commercial food that is appropriate for the life stage and health condition of your dog. Check that it complies with the Australian Standard AS 5812:2011Foods imported from the US must conform to AAFCO standards for labelling which are much more rigid.

Dog foods must provide the following:
Energy (measured in calories or kilojoules) which your dog needs for muscle function for movement, a wide variety of bodily functions and to keep himself warm.Proteins and other nutrients for growth…