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Dog Lovers Book Club - June 2017

Nothing beats curling up in front of the fire with a great book and our dogs on a cold winter's day! 

From Lost to Loved is a limited edition hardcover coffee table photobook telling the heartwarming stories of Melbourne rescue dogs, in celebration of their new lives.
FROM LOST TO LOVED by Erin King Pet Photography
Each dog’s story is accompanied with photography by Erin to capture the dog’s personality and illustrate their new found happiness with loving families. All the dogs were photographed out and about at Melbourne's most iconic locations to showcase what Melbourne has to offer.
The book is a substantial hardcover, 135-page photo book featuring 65 dogs. It was both professionally designed and printed within Australia to ensure a very high standard. 
This is a fundraising project to help raise awareness, support and money for two Melbourne-based rescue groups Puppytales Rescue and Rehoming Inc and Gumtree Greys

This project has already raised over $3,500 with more (10%) to be…

100 Brisbane Rescues Exhibition - June 9 to 11

Brisbane based artist, Stephen Gallagher, usually spends his days painting people's pooches from his studio in Salisbury. 

However after a trip to a local shelter last year, Stephen decided to use his paintbrush to represent the many dogs without a home in Brisbane and also inspire Australians to adopt. The result is 100 oil portraits of 100 dogs that have come through Brisbane shelters in 2016 and 2017.

"Having been a dog owner most of my life, I understand the unique bond that humans and dogs share. There is no doubt that humans benefit from the company of dogs and they, in turn, thrive on human contact and friendship.A dog without a home is a tragic creature."
There will be a Pop-Up Exhibition of all hundred portraits at the Reload Espresso Bar in the Historic WW2 Bullet Factory, located in Salisbury. 

The opening night is on Friday 9th June from 6:00pm - 10:00pm and this exhibition will remain open through to Sunday 11th June.

All paintings on display will be avalailable …

Newflands Hoki Oil - Supplement for Dogs

Newflands’ Hoki Oil is a fish-flavoured liquid oil that is easily digested and can be pumped directly into your pet’s food.
We love our dogs like our children and want them to live a long and happy life. Whilst we strive to keep them healthy, our pets can get numerous issues including skin allergies or joint mobility problems. As we know, giving medicine or supplements to our dogs or cats (in the form of a powder or tablet) can be a real challenge!


Newflands’ Hoki Oil is made from Hoki fish (species Macruronus Novaezelandiae) found only in the pristine waters around New Zealand and sustainably sourced. As part of the manufacturing process, the oil is flushed with nitrogen to keep it fresh and also filtered to remove any contaminants (e.g. mercury) to end up with a human-safe, pharmaceutical grade product.
Fish oil is rich in Omega Fatty Acids which are an essential element for a pet's balanced diet. Omega fatty acids are called “essential fatty acid…

Frog Dog Studios - Pet Photography

Pay attention Melbourne "wannabe pooch supermodels" because there is a new kind of pet photography in town! Frog Dog Studios are now taking appointments and are ready to turn your best friend into a work of art!

What is the Inspiration behind Frog Dog Studios?

Frog Dog Studios officially opened in February this year, however this business has been evolving behind the scenes for years...

Let us introduce you to Belinda Richards, the photographer and brains behind this operation who has been working with animals - primarily dogs - for the past seventeen years. At the ripe old age of twenty one, she started her first business as a dog groomer which set the pace for things to come. Belinda went on to work in animal welfare and provided after hours emergency services for all kinds of animals. 

This position eventually led her down the path of animal management and owner education. Over the years Belinda has had extensive experience with all kinds of dogs and always had a keen interes…

Dogs NSW Dogs on Show 2017 - June 17

Dogs NSW will this year again throw open their gates on Saturday 17th June and are inviting you to attend their annual Dogs on Show event.

'Dogs on Show' is a chance to discover all the fun sports and activities you can enjoy with your canine friend and learn more about the different types of dog breeds and which may be best suited to your family and lifestyle. 

The event will showcase a Championship Dog Show plus demonstrations in Agility, Obedience, Dances with Dogs, Junior Handling, Retrieving, Sledding and Drafting

There will also be Jack Russell Terrier racing, Herding and Earthdog trials, plus a colourful Pageant of Breeds.
As part of the NSW Government's Responsible Pet Education Program, we will also have special segments on Children's Safety with Dogs, which highlights the correct ways to approach dogs and the importance of supervision with young children.

A 'Kids Corner' will also be set up with face painting plus a fun 'dog related' colouring co…

Arthritis & Joint Mobility Issues in Dogs

Arthritis comes on in many ways, but the most common cause is the wear and tear the joints undergo over the years: they simply wear out. Veterinarians sometimes refer to it as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD).

Arthritis is the most common health problem in senior dogs. So if you own a dog, chances are that you will have to deal with this issue at some stage. The key to detecting any issues early is to take advantage of the health and wellness checks offered by your vet,some even provide a dedicated Senior Pet program.

Nature’s solution to motion are biological hinges – two slick, smooth surfaces coating the bones that form each joint. The ends of the bones that form all movable joints are formed of a cushiony layer of cartilage that is coated by a slick slippery membrane called the synovium. To reduce friction, the space in between is filled with an oily fluid; and the whole structure is bound together with a series of fibrous t…