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Delta Institute Dog Behaviour Conference - April 7-9

This conference will bring together local and international animal behaviourists, trainers, researchers and authors in Sydney, including Dr Alexandra Horowitz - world renowned researcher and author of the New York Times best seller 'Inside of a Dog' and her new book‘Being a Dog’.

This Conference will be held between April 7-9, 2017 in Sydney and consists of two programs:

1. Friday - Evening Program

'From a Dog's Point of Nose'with Dr Alexandra Horowitz - understanding and appreciating the dog's point of view.
Who should attend? Dog owners and anyone interested in the latest research on dog behaviour and perception. 
Where: SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn St., Sydney, NSW, 2000

When: Friday 7th April 2017, from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $99

2. Two day - Weekend Program (Saturday & Sunday)
Hosted by comedian Kitty Flanagan and featuring Dr Alexandra Horowitz as well as intensive presentations, interactive discussions and special guest speakers, this is n…

March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month

March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month and should serve as as a reminder to all pet owners to watch for both natural and processed pet toxins.

Veterinarians regularly field panicked calls from dog owners saying “Help! My dog got into (insert doggy no no… ) and I don't know what to do!”

Consider putting locks on cupboards as dogs – especially at the puppy stage - don’t hesitate to use their teeth to explore. Their curiosity may lead them to lick, chew or swallow potentially toxic items. 

If you suspect your pet has eaten a poisonous substance you need to act fast, however most toxins won’t activate immediately. Depending on the toxin, it could take up to 20 minutes or more for a reaction. The best course of action is to call your vet immediately. If it is a weekend or after hours always have the number for a veterinary emergency clinic in your area. Here are the most common offenders resulting into emergency visits at the vet.
Offender No.1: Human Medications

It’s important to ke…

12 Must-Watch Movies for Dog Lovers

The 89th edition of the Academy Awards is almost here! We love dogs (how did you guess?) and we also love movies so as Oscar fever rises, we take a look at some of our all-time favourite movies featuring dogs.
This list is obviously subjective and we probably could have added a few more... 
Did your favourite make our list?

1. Marley & Me (2008)

After their wedding, newspaper writer John Grogan and his wife Jennifer move to Florida. In an attempt to stall Jennifer's "biological clock", John gives her a Labrador puppy. 

Whilst Marley quickly grows into a 100-pound dog, he loses none of his puppy energy or rambunctiousness and he certainly gains no self-discipline. Marley's antics give John rich material for his newspaper column. As the Grogans have children of their own, Marley continues to test everyone's patience by acting like the world's most impulsive dog. It does not matter how many times you watch this movie, it will remind you of your dog's antics a…

Party in the Park & Pet Expo – March 19

Bring your furry, scaly and feathered pets to the 2017 Glen Eira Pet Expo, which is held in conjunction with the popular Council’s Party in the Park series.

There will be a full program with free activities for the whole family where you can:
learn about responsible pet ownership from the Council’s Animal Management team and several animal adoption societieschat to industry experts about animal care and innovative productswatch exciting animal handler demonstrationspurchase a few treats for your petsparticipate in craft activitieshave fun at the pop-up farm yard andparticipate with your pet in the annual Pet Parade competition
Pet Parade
Pre-register for until Saturday 18th March (5pm) or at the Pet Expo information tent on the day (prior to 2pm).

The categories you can compete in are: Best Dressed; Best Trick; Best Owner/Pet Look-alike and Best Loved Rescue Pet.

All entrants will receive a show bag from PETstock Ormond with a Tag Your Pet prize. To pre-register, fill in your details in the…

Mix & Bake - Easy-Peasy!® Dog Biscuits

The new Mix and Bake – Easy Peasy!® range is brought to you by the dedicated team at Diamond Dog Food & Bakery. The owners Alice and Philip Needham have had the pleasure of creating and baking treats for dogs everywhere since 2010 and felt other dog owners would also enjoy making these treats for their own dogs.

One of our dogs’ favourites on a hot day are their Lollydogs which are great for parties or treats and rewards during training. These little buttons are flavoured with strawberry, banana or carob and are best kept cool in the fridge during summer.

Only the best quality ingredients are used in the Easy Peasy!® mixes so you can be assured that you are baking great quality treats for your dogs. Ingredients are sourced in Australia whenever possible and the yoghurt and carob buds (for the fun food) contain Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.
There are so many varieties to choose from, you will have fun for weeks trialling them all to uncover your dog's favourites: Mix and Bake Birt…

RSPCA NSW Clear the Shelters - February 24-26

RSPCA NSW are aiming to Clear the Shelter this weekend with $29 adoption fees state-wide for all animals great and small, regardless of age or species, in an attempt to find new homes for the hundreds of animals in care across the state.

“It’s all about finding forever homes for all our animals and giving that extra incentive for people looking for a new pet a good reason to adopt, instead of shop through somewhere like Gumtree or backyard breeders,” comments RSPCA NSW Head of Animal Care Services Brendon Neilly.

A menagerie of animals are looking for their forever homes: not just puppies and dogs, kittens and adult cats but pocket pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, even livestock such as goats, Shetland ponies, pigs and ducks will all be available for adoption this weekend.

Last year  583 animals were rehomed during Clear the Shelter, which was 81% of animals available for adoption. This year, RSPCA NSW are aiming to have every single animal find their new forever home.


Top Boredom Busters for Dogs

Could your dog be bored? It is quite common for dogs to be left alone in the backyard or inside the home for long stretches of time during the day while you are at work or running errands. Without anything to occupy themselves, your pooches may find themselves in mischief to stay entertained.

Signs of boredom can include:
Barking / WhiningDiggingChewing or other destructive behavioursFollowing you around when you are at home
Lots of problem behaviours can be avoided by providing your dogs with something to do while you are away. Make sure that you mix it up with different toys and games to keep their minds working! Advice from animal behaviourists and dog trainers is to rotate their toys daily (don't leave them all out) as otherwise your dog will get bored with all of them!

The iQuties active learning toys provide dogs with the mental stimulation they need. Dogs receive a reward for their achievement of sniffing out a treat hidden in the compartments.
Made of sturdy compressed wooden …