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Sporn Marrow Chew Bone

The Sporn Marrow Chew Bone (originally called the Yuppie Puppy) is a jerky-flavour filled chewable nylon bone, which promises to control tartar and plaque, assisting with your dog's dental health.

After putting it to the test for a number of years with our three Belgian Shepherds, we can attest that it is great for the toughest of chewers and may even save some of your furniture or shoes. Especially recommended during the puppy phase, when your dog is constantly teething and needs something to chew.

Chewing this bone is similar to brushing their teeth. As the nylon shreds, it becomes like bristles, removing tartar and plaque build-up from the teeth.

These interactive dental chew toys are unique to most other flavoured nylon bones as the marrow is added after the bone has been moulded and cooled. After trialling other brands on the market, we found that the marrow makes the difference and keeps our dogs coming back for more.
Our dogs can surely smell it long before they can taste it, and it seems to keep them really interested and motivated at first. Then, they get to the actual marrow, and they are working on these bones non-stop until it's completely gone. Of course, you'll always want to monitor your dog for safe chewing. Discard the bone if it appears a larger piece could break off.

It is also important to get to know what kind of chewer your dog is. Is your dog a fairly light chewer, a moderate chewer, or is he an aggressive chewer? The guide below can be used to select the bone which would suit your dog best.


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Note: This is not a paid or compensated review, but a review of a product that we purchased for our own use. We enjoy sharing information about products you may like or find useful and you’ll always receive our honest and unbiased opinion. 

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