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Canines of Character - Photography Project

Canines of Character is a photography book project which celebrates each canine’s unique personality whilst helping to raise money for rescue dogs in need.

Allira Fontana is a S
ydney-based pet photographer who spends most of her days photographing canines and creating custom artwork for her clients. Every Thursday however, you will find her volunteering at the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter with fellow Rescue Hub volunteers. 

Allira began volunteering in May 2015, and since then she has barely missed a Thursday! During her time there, she has made some life-long friends and they are just as passionate as her about saving shelter dogs. Together, they formed Rescue Hub in August 2016 and since then they have helped rescue, transport and rehome countless dogs after saving them from death row. 

Each week they photograph and promote stray and surrendered dogs through their Facebook page, all of whom are searching for a new home. 

Sophie is one of the hundreds of dogs Allira Fontana has photographed while volunteering with Rescue Hub

“When I read the statistic that between 3,500 to 4,000 dogs are currently in pound and shelters in New South Wales alone, I was shocked!" says Allira. "I felt that I could make a small difference to help these homeless dogs with my photography. Social media plays such a huge part in our day-to-day lives so we can get these homeless dogs out into the public eye.”

Allira also made a four-legged friend of her very own while volunteering: a Kelpie cross by the name of Archie. Archie was found as a stray and although he was microchipped, he was never collected by his previous owners... In January 2016 Allira rescued Archie  - or more accurately he rescued her! - and he how has his own Instagram account @archiesbucketlist where Allira posts daily photos and videos from his adventures. 

Archie the Kelpie cross was rescued from the Hawkesbury Shelter in January 2016
As those involved know, running a rescue group is not an easy feat with endless vet bills to pay, adoption applications to work through and fundraising events to organise. Without donations, rescue groups simply cannot continue doing their life-saving work, which is why Allira has launched the “Canines of Character” project.

The "Canines of Character" Photography Project

“Having volunteered with Rescue Hub, I know first-hand how vital funds are and just how quickly they can be used up. Vet bills, short-term boarding, road and air transport, food, vaccinations and training are just some of the costs involved in rescue work. This is why I started a project that will raise funds and bring awareness to rescue groups - and the dogs they save - by creating a beautiful coffee-table style book that can be enjoyed by people all over the world.”

Penny, Daisy and Howie posing perfectly during their Canines of Character photo session

If you're part of this photography project, you will see your four-legged friend featured in the book alongside their humorous dialogue. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages are welcome: it really doesn't matter if you have a couch potato or a bundle of endless energy, this project is about celebrating what makes your dog unique.

The participation fee of $99 will include a one-hour photo session for up to 2 dogs from the same household (additional dogs are $50 each) and inclusion in the Canines of Character book. The session fee does not include any digital files or printed products, but these can be purchased separately after the session.

There are only seven sessions available each month until September/October so you will need to be quick! The book is scheduled to go to print in early November, just in time for Christmas 2017. 

A portion of each book sale will be donated directly to Rescue Hub which will allow them to continue their life-saving work. Rescue Hub is a registered charity with all donations of $2 or more tax deductible. You can find out more at

For more information and to book your session, please visit

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