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The Piddle Place - Indoor Dog Toilet

For pet owners whose animals don't always have easy access to the outdoors - or cat owners who hate the mess and smell of litter boxes - the Piddle Place™ Portable Pet Potty will save you from returning home to find accidents and smelly messes!

Thinking back to our early days of house training a young puppy ten years ago, this innovative product would have come in very handy...

The Piddle Place™ portable potty is perfect for dogs, ideal for people living in apartments especially when house training a new puppy or if your dog is left home alone for long periods with no access to the backyard. 
It is also very practical when you're travelling.

This innovative potty is a mess-free and environmentally-friendly solution to pet accidents and pee pads.


When your pet uses the Piddle Place™ potty, the urine drains through the porous grass mat into the reservoir, keeping their paws dry.

There is a quick-drain spout to empty it for convenient and mess-free disposal

If you decide to take your dog away on holidays? The travel lid and handles make it both easy to pack this unit in the boot of your car and carry it. 

The Piddle Place™ potty also includes the Bio+ Treatment for the reservoir to help eliminate odours to maintain a fresh smelling environment. This Bio+ Treatment uses a bio-enzyme technology that breaks down odour-causing compounds and degrades them into odourless compounds. How refreshing!


  • Eco-friendly alternative to disposable pee pads
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • Quick-drain spout for a mess-free disposal
  • Immediate drainage with porous grass mat and grooves to keep paws dry
  • Includes Bio+ Treatment to eliminate odours
  • Snap-on lid and handles allow for convenient transport
  • Imitation grass mat is machine washable
  • Optional splash guard (sold separately) protects floors and walls
  • 77.5 cm x 5.7 cm x 48.9 cm
  • Suitable for dogs up to 45kg
  • Indoor and outdoor use


RRP: $188.99 from the Petsafe Australia online store and selected retailers.

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