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GiGwi Duraspikes Tough Dog Toys Competition

Have a destructive dog? Does your dog love to chew? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then the brand new range of DURASPIKES tough toys from GiGwi Australia (also home to the Push to Mute toys) will be perfect for you!

Specifically created for dogs who love to play rough and chew everything in sight, the DURASPIKES collection is made from extra durable cotton canvas and innovative TPR spikes moulded onto the fabric to withstand punctures from your dog's teeth!

We have 12 of these fabulous toys in 4 different styles and colours to give away
 (Total Prize Pool of $420)

2. RABBIT GREEN  (x 3)

To enter, simply tell us "which DURASPIKES tough toy is the one for your dog and why? - including #gigwiaustralia in the comments" via our Facebook Page or Instagram (post 21/04/17)The most creative answers will win!


1. This Competition will close on 27/04/17 (midnight). Entries open to Australian residents only. Winners will be announced on this page on 28/04/17 (3pm).
2. To enter, simply tell us "which Duraspikes tough toy is the one for your dog and why? including #gigwiaustralia"
3. Please note you MUST LIKE our Facebook page  OR FOLLOW our Instagram page @australiandoglover to be eligible for your prize.
4. You can only enter once (not both via Facebook and Instagram) or you will be disqualified.
5. Each extra person tagged in the Comments will earn the entrant an additional entry (maximum of  3 extra entries).

The Push to Mute dog toys are squeaky when your dog wants to play and quiet when owners need some peace. 
All six toys in the series are made of durable rubber with a nylon strap for interactive fun. To turn off the squeaker, simply push in the button and strap.

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