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Dog Olympics 2017 Newcastle - April 23

The second annual Dog Olympics hosted by Fletcher Veterinary Practice will be held in Islington Park, Newcastle on Sunday 23rd April, 2017.

This fun-filled family day was created not only to raise funds for the hard-working, dedicated organisation Hunter Animal Watch but also to offer a great day out with your dog.

The day will be filled with market stalls, raffles, a BBQ and of course the now famous doggie Olympic competitions! 

The organisers encourage doggy fancy dress, wild colours and crazy hairdos - especially for the celebrity look-a-like competition.

Dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes are invited to participate in various athletic and non-athletic competitions, such as:

  • Musical Hoops
  • Best Trick
  • Celebrity Look Alike Competition
  • Fetching Frisbees
  • Creative Paintings and more!

Come on down and have a ball during the April school holidays. The organisers would love to see you and your talented pooch there!

When: Sunday 23rd April 2017, from 10am until 3pm

Where: Islington Park, 151 Maitland Road, Islington, NSW, 2296

Cost: Entry is FREE. There is a $2 participation fee for each event.

For the latest information and to pre-register your dog for any event, please visit

About Hunter Animal Watch

Hunter Animal Watch are an animal charity and voluntary organisation, committed to animal welfare and pet desexing in the Hunter region of New South Wales. The organisation provides financial assistance to pension and concession card holders to help desex their pets. Fletcher Veterinary Practice works hand-in-hand with HAW by performing desexing operations for pensioners within the region.

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