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Tips and Reviews for Flea and Tick Control for Dogs

Some of these methodically generated compounds can be unsafe in typical flea and tick products and these compounds which are used to destroy insects can also be unsafe to your dog or cat. The operating elements in most of these products is usually tied to one of seven general organophosphate insecticides (OPs), OPs work by disrupting the transmission of nerve signals in the brains and nervous systems of insects destroying the insect. OP can influence pets and people as well - this interference, of course don't affect humans or pets on the same level as the insects. While it would certainly take a considerable quantity of dealings to OPs to affect a mature hale and hearty adult, no one is sure how the chemicals can or will have an effect on children or those with pre-existing nerve disorders. Another alternative is Fipronil, Fipronil paralyzes the insects - not the pet and is used in well know products such as Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control For Dogs.

Fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline is kept in the oil glands of your pet. Fipronil is repeatedly secreted.
You can use Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control For Dogs, to include, treatment, prevention and to shield your dog.
You can use Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control For Dogs, to include, treatment, prevention and to shield your dog. Frontline Plus is a topical flea and tick treatment which is put on your dog's skin monthly/bi-annually year round to give Flea and tick protection for dogs and cats for the complete month and/or 6 month period.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control not only eliminates mature fleas and ticks but also eliminates the flea eggs and larva, Eliminating the flea eggs and larva essentially breaks the birth cycle of the flea and stops flea and tick re-infestation. With the addition of S-methoprene, this element is responsible for killing the flea eggs and larva frontline fights on two fronts.

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