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Importance of a Structured Dog Training Program

The wealth of information is becoming so overwhelming, that it is increasingly difficult to pick out what may be relevant to you as a dog owner and your own individual situation. New style dog trainers are springing up from every direction, some with more radical ideas of training your dog than others, some with a library of books and TV shows behind them and others who you have never heard of before.

Amidst the plethora of information that we have access to via the media or internet, there is a very strong tendency to dip in and out of various pieces of dog training advice and use some dog training tips with your dog one day and then the dog training tips of another dog trainer the following day. Sometimes we look at these dog training tips in isolation or mix and match them with other dog training tips and advice that we have heard from other quarters and may like the sound of.
Then crunch time occurs - we wonder why we are not managing to resolve the sometimes unacceptable behaviours that we find prevalent in our canine companions, who can suffer from a variety of issues ranging from nervous aggression to chasing cars.

Whatever our intentions are in helping our beloved dog overcome their issues, which can incidentally be caused by us though our under socialisation of our dog as a puppy or by humanisation of them, to name but a few causes, it is vitally important to remember one thing... We absolutely must approach any dog related issues as a whole package and not just isolated unacceptable behavioural changes. It is so easy to watch a TV show about training and pick out one single dog training tip or piece of advice that we think relates to our dog, try it out with them and be no further forward than we were when we started. We then have a tendency to think that the particular dog trainer we got that one piece of advice from is no good.

If we look at the complete picture that relates to our dog, taking into account every aspect of its life, from eating to sleeping to exercise to human interaction and beyond, and then we employ the services of one dog trainer or behaviourist, our chances of success increase exponentially. This is as a result of our chosen dog trainer taking the overall situation into account and developing a complete and structured program of dog training tips and advice which is relevant to your dog and its own circumstances. This package of advice may well include some of the dog training tips that you have heard of or tried in the past, however, when included as part of a holistic program, taking into account the overall situation, the chances of success will be far greater and you, as a dog owner, will be much more satisfied with the results. More importantly, your dog will be rehabilitated in a structured way and as a result, lead a happier, more contented and more stress free life.

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