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Choosing The Best Breed of Dogs for Kids

The following types or breeds are generally considered good dogs for kids
 Basset Hound

Basset hounds love children and get along with them very nicely. They enjoy outdoors and hence, can be good playmates. They are gentle, loving and also very tolerant. These dogs are affectionate and do not show traits of aggression. However, it is not recommended to have a Basset hound for small children who are incapable of handling these gentle dogs.

Collies are loyal and good companions for kids. They turn protective in company of children and hence, are one of the best breeds of dogs for kids. Although collies can live harmoniously with kids for a long time, it is essential to train these dogs properly first. Collies are recommended as pets for older children, and it is not wise to leave a kid less than 10 years of age alone with a collie. 

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are intelligent and have an eagerness to please. They are calm and great companions to children. They hardly show aggression, and are easy to handle and train. Golden retrievers are also very tolerant to the activities of small children. However, it is not wise to leave small children unattended with golden retrievers as these dogs are large and can knock down children while playing.


Beagles are the most social of all dog breeds. They are good pets for children of all age groups. A well-bred beagle can make a very lovable pet and hence, it is essential to train your beagle properly. They are carefree, playful and will be fiercely loyal to kids. The only thing to remember is to never disturb a beagle when it is having food as beagles take food very seriously.

 St. Bernard

Now this is a large dog meant only for older children as younger children will be at a risk being alone with it. Although large in size, St. Bernards are gentle and get along with children very well. These dogs are actually very popular as family dogs, specially popular as pets for children as they are fiercely protective. If trained properly, a St. Bernard will be an excellent and protective pet for the family as well as children.


Poodles are very affectionate and loving. They can be perfect pets for children as they love playing with kids. They are very loyal and trustful. However, if not treated properly, they tend to harm people. It is also essential to note that toy poodles can be cranky and snappy; while on the other hand, older children may harm smaller poodles. Therefore, you should look for poodles of right age for your kids.


Last but not the least, Labradors or 'labs' as they are called, are the most popular family dogs all over the world. They are playful, loyal and are very friendly. They enjoy outdoor games and show no signs of meanness. Labradors are also easy to train, enjoy company of people and hence, are the best recommended dogs for kids.

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